Does someone have a question ?

Pictures everywhere. I would be very interested to know how many pictures (i don’t like the term average) a person sees in a daily basis. There are bicycles and sunsets and flowers and there are big ugly factories and their latest car models. There is a guy in a black and white grainy backdrop wondering whether he is real or not. Further below a jack knife in a perfectly polished state, much as the old school tape hanging below. Tapes are back, or maybe not.

I know quite a few people who missed their tapes. I can totally understand that and i hope i am already prepared to accept the fact that one day i will be the one missing his “tapes”. The world is constantly changing, far from ending, simply evolving. Old habits die hard but eventually they do die. Now-days the rate of evolution is faster than ever, according to the broadly accepted version of history. This rate however does not apply to social evolution, rather it reflects a sharp image of the technological progress we have achieved. As technology progresses it naturally invades and occupies more and more space in our lives, inevitably dragging us along in its frantic rhythm. Habits no longer become of age and are easily killed by the specialized assassins of our time.

This all may sound bleak and uninspiring, yet i have not made up my mind on wether old habits are for our benefit or not. Being so i can’t really tell if i should dance to the tune or try and remember my tapes. People around, all call for change. Some want the change to affect them in the way they imagine, while all of us expect that all others will institute the changes only we propose. There are so many propositions  already and more come to light every day. It really makes one feel insignificant, this load of new ideas in such a short notice. At the same day, about three days ago, i read two articles. One was praising the new renaissance taking place in front of the writers eyes, while the other  was making a valid argument on how humanity slips down in a dark age. It appears we are not so well connected after all. I can understand a difference of opinion but this much difference means that there are at least two worlds. Makes you wander . . .


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