Video Report (Thessaloniki 01.12.2013)

Thessaloniki is a coastal city located in northern Greece. The second largest city in the country is in love with the sea. For about two years we all were deprived of our sea front since a major scale restoration was taking place. On 01.12.2013 the renovated sea front opened to the public. The day was cold yet this was not a serious deterrent for the people to inundate the 5 km of sequential parks, playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts. A series of festivities were planned and carried along, besides the bad weather, throughout the span of the sea front. A great day for all of us, residents of Thessaloniki.


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February 26, 2014 · 13:41

One response to “Video Report (Thessaloniki 01.12.2013)

  1. Yeah, there was a lot of construction in the way when I visited last summer. Now I need to get back and see it!

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