What if all the Chinese people wanted to have a car ?

A question asked by a European citizen for the problema project. A question that reveals a fundamental problem in the way we, people of the spreading western culture, attempt to define what is wrong with the society and the world. An inglorious effort to hand over the problems we created in the hands of… well, anyone but us. If all the Chinese people wanted to have a car it would only be fair. Not a sensible one, yet a fair trade. I will ask a question my self. What if all the European people were to be deprived of the ridiculously grand variety of consumer products we enjoy today. What if we hang on to the car we drive today for twenty more years. What if we did not restrict technological progress through patents. What if were not antagonizing ourselves but actually worked together. What if today we laid the foundations for a new world. What if for a moment we were to mentally transport ourselves to a chinese factory and witness the world through the eyes of a child that works his fingers bloody to deliver your new i-wi-fi-smart pad-phone-tv, to the nearest department store. Or maybe we could go to Rwanda and talk to the children that actually have no fingers or no hands at all, because some warlord funded by our governments to safeguard our  interests, decided they did not need them. Do we really have to travel so far to witness the distraction we imposed to the world ? Every major European city is full of desolate people, people that scratch a living from garbage and die from cold during the winter. Is that in any way more humane than a beheading in the middle East ?

I am wishing for a creative 2013


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