You can go on strike

These are poor times we live in. But in these poor times creative people find intriguing ways to fight back at all the misery around. Stagespotting for example thought a very clever way to publicize their work, featuring a top 100 of this years images all taken in the most popular concerts taken place in Greece this year. What an example of a creative reaction and also a stark contrast to how other artists choose to “fight”.

If you’re a photographer reading this, you should check the link below. They have  got some fantastic fresh images featuring both big bands and big bands to be. They have been more than kind to shoot almost any band in Thessaloniki giving an image to our sound. And what an image that is !

If you ‘re not a photographer you still have plenty to gain

If you ‘re an actor you can go on strike. . .

Stagespotting Concert & Music Photography


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