Get Hot Gin Joint

As noted earlier on this blog’s timeline, that night could not have been better. Unrivaled performances on exemplary coordination produced an overwhelming show, featuring an exclusive remake of “USA, Dos Passos” originally written by John Dos Passos from 1930 to 1936 and more recently presented to our city’s audience by Eleni Euthimiou, in her own text version and direction, last May in Thessaloniki. Followed by the appearance of Stan Laurel on screen, accompanied by Thanasis Bililis on the piano, the time capsule seemed to be inexhaustible. A dance show by Lindy Hop Greece put a smile on everyone’s face and also provided a hint of what would follow when the Voodoo Pie-Rats hit the stage. You should check these guys out, i think their singer is called Spad ! Blues Fathers and the Swingers were exactly that, though i wish my dad had but a fraction of their energy. The Grand Finale could wait a bit more and thankfully it did. For some brief moments Principal Club Theater turned pitch black with only two spotlights shaping a jaw dropping silhouette lingering in a burlesque act strewing excitement among the crowd. Finally the Speakeasies swing band entered the stage. Introducing the Speakeasies would be no more than a waste of space and if i do speak my mind without applying any form of censorship i will be considered subjective. Amazing !

What really is amazing though is the price of this beautifully wrapped bundle, which was set to just 8 of our euros. Why is that so amazing then. Why is it that i hit enter and created a whole new paragraph to talk about money. Because whether or not i or you want to acknowledge, this is how the real world works. That may sound bleak or not so inspirational at best, yet it is a reality we must face if we don’t like the bread line or the chair of a bank clerk. The Speakeasies along with 25 or so other wonderful people dared to dream big and got away with it.


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