The City

Every September the city puts on a sarcastic smile. A welcome back notion. She knows you leave every summer, yet you always come back. Catching up with friends, sharing stories about places untouched by time. Some old lady living in a deserted village just 5 km off the highway, or a family on a bay so secluded that a 15 year old boy has to travel for three hours every Saturday for a piano lesson. All seems dreamy. Every time you re thinking about leaving, yet every time you don’t.

She ‘s so confident about you return. Never has to put up a fight. Never has to change anything. You ‘re dazzled by her memorable ugliness, her twisted ways. The tarmac and the building blocks, the traffic lights, the scarcity of nature in her body makes you feel like home. Only one or two weeks after your return to your so missed routine, you plan on your next cheat.

There’s still sand in your shoes and your tan is fresh. Waiting for the fall to step in. Some November rain will make you feel better adjusted. The leaden sky suits much better with your long face, rather than the deep blue one of September. You will be here this year and then you re gonna go again, only to return. So don’t fight the feeling.

Enjoy the city !

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