Flowers from Stench

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There is still something on the move in the city. On the contrary of the the second autumn of the climate cycle, it looks like spring has bloomed in the activity cycle. Combined efforts of people with no interest in personal gain, generate a colorful scenery of group activities, connecting people of all cast and age in one life giving breath for a city in the brinks of depression. Until recently i thought i was the only one to see this group dynamic. It looked like a nice thing to be happening but rather misleading. You can witness misery in every corner, people eating junk alongside people eating junk food, beggars lying next to CL500’s, junkies asking for cash from old owls, and the sovereign force of Zeus furiously imposed upon the lowest of the low. Like rats we lived for several weeks among our own waste. Yet from all this stench something seems to have grown that provides the foundation for a better tomorrow. “Collectiva Alternativa” is a prime example of the synchronized will of many individuals guided by one moto. Be The Change. Don’t expect others to act on your behalf. The so far web based interaction of the group was successful. Now they take one step further bringing everyone together in a 24hr celebration of creativity.  Looks promising…

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