Poison the Sun [05.05.2011/ΜΥΛΟΣ/21:00]

As it is hard to give an identity to a vampire so it is hard to give an identity to a musical mind living decades and continuously evolve. Psycho Fantastic paranoia, creepy guitar riffs, melody, intensity and emotion combine a modern and medieval musical puzzle.

When Bauhaus closed the casket of Bella Lugosi and after his electrical resurrection from Dead Weather, Electro Vampires keep him alive for the Procreation of the Wicked.

Glastonbury Castle 1813. Electro Vampires poison the sun. Five Vamps are coming Thirsty for more.

Vampire Lens: creepy guitar
Vampire Sugar: poison screams
Vampire Justin Break: electro bites
Vampire Manos: primal instinct drums
Vampire Nikolas: blood thirsty bass


There’s nothing real, it’s all in your mind

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