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Your depression is a result of your unsuccessful revolution, your so called deliverance and this doubtful yet reliable independence. You got your bit reins attached since you were a kid. Every degree of freedom you think you have was given to you so you don’t hurt your shoulders, by the same bunch of clowns that constrain every step you try to take out of this narrow line you re following since you came to be a full grown adult. Yeah sure…. one day you ‘re gonna leave it all behind, cause you ‘re so disgusted….. blah blah blah……

You see much! Too much! You don’t need all this, do you? You should filtrate. It might be sickening in the beginning but should you try to withstand your breath, hold it in till your eyesight starts to blur. The colours will soon abandon all shape and start mingling in a beautiful spectrum. Your gaze will soon succumb and slowly you will sink in a dream. You ll be sleeping in work, in coffee breaks. And you skirt will be dormant as well and you will only wake up in bed at about nine, exhausted by thirty years of frustration, ex rebels. Your kids will be a mirrored image of your own lack of orientation, hollow and fat, until your incoercible gluttony forces you to eat your own heads

“words of the monkey god”


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