Here you are sitting in front of your television on a Sunday morning reflecting on the week past while some fat chef is cooking what you would call tasteless piece of rubbish and you decide to change the channel, just to find out that there ‘s a guy in some urban hell in Athens center who’s misery is even bigger than your’s, cause he has to struggle day after day only not to step in the pooh of some even more miserable guy living under a bridge nearby. So, where does all this misery come from? You go to work every day, you ‘re a law abiding citizen, paying your taxes, you ‘re almost certain that you carry some kind of charisma and yet your progress is minimum, if not zero. Where have you gone wrong. As a kid you were taught  to be fair, growing up you learned to share and collaborate. College years were a blast of new hope, which you were told several times was nothing but an unrealistic view of the true life, which was lurking right around the corner. Thirty years after you emerged from your mothers womb you wish you never had. Why ? Cause you are just another victim of your own idleness. It is not your government’s fault, nor it is this wrongful society that has clipped your wings of fortune. What i ‘m suggesting is that since you think you ‘re a gifted personality, you should work your way out of this misery and breathe the free air again. The black box in your living room is very generous in providing answers as to how you will lead your useless corpse in levels of humiliation never seen before by mankind and it is doing a damn good job for the last forty years or so, promoting the worse of the lowlife useless members of your society on a daily basis, actually brainwashing you, while when taking a break from the mass electromagnetic waves of utter stupidity, it spits out an amazingly well organized propaganda in an attempt to strike fear to your already effete mind, actually striping your brain from anything that is trying to move  “out of order”. To sum up…. open your window and throw it out !! Not tonight… NOW.


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